Corporate Philosophy

By supporting pharmaceutical companies to establish compliance systems as a foundation of all business activities, we will contribute to strengthening the competitiveness of pharmaceutical companies, enhancing their corporate values, and thereby contribute to the creation of sustainable social values by the pharmaceutical industry.

Our Mission

One of the most serious problems at the pharmaceutical industry is that different people have different views on the matter of compliance. Such gaps negatively influence the efficiency and healthy development of the pharmaceutical industry as a whole. Such gaps include recognition gaps with society or recognition gaps amongst pharmaceutical companies. Moreover, even within the same company, if there is a wide recognition gap between the management and employees, creation of a healthy corporate culture becomes difficult. Mutual recognition leads to smooth and efficient business operations and to the enhancement of the corporate values, and thereby ultimately leads to a contribution to the medical industry, which is essential to society’s welfare.
We will strive to bridge such gaps by providing professional advice and support the establishment of compliance systems as a foundation of all business activities of pharmaceutical companies.

Our Values

The following five are for the core values of our consulting service as your Integrity Partner.


We offer professional consulting with expertise.


We offer high quality consulting.

Best for All

Our consulting is the best approach for all stakeholders.


Our consulting is honest-based and faithful to your needs.


We offer consulting for you, aimed at you earning trust from customers and society.